Marie's Story

My name is Marie Dwyer and I have been a member of Agincourt Church for many years. First I would like to thank my pastors, church sisters and brothers who have been supportive of me and praying fervently so that I can be here to retell my sojourn. God has favored me and I’m thankful for the blessings, grace and mercies that He has accorded me.

I was diagnosed with systemic lupus nephritis in 2002, followed by chronic renal failure. Prior to my diagnosis I felt like any other healthy young woman, happy and living a “normal” life. There was nothing about me that indicated that my kidneys would fail, or that I would be needing dialysis for SEVEN years. At first, I did not grasp the enormity of what lay ahead of me. What began as a routine visit to the doctor turned into a life altering experience. I had my annual check up which led to the diagnosis of lupus, a complex and unpredictable autoimmune disease. Upon hearing the diagnosis, I was not yet experiencing any symptoms. Nonetheless, I was monitored carefully by specialists. I really didn't take it seriously, even though my aunt had passed away from the same disease. Throughout this ordeal, I continued to be positive, believing and having faith in God that I would be ok. In addition to this situation, I struggled to work as a registered nurse and completed my BscN degree. Approximately three years following my diagnosis, I started to experience the symptoms of Lupus which included skin rashes, joint pains, fatigue, swollen limbs, you name it. It later attacked my kidneys and the metamorphoses within my body were rapid. It was tough to grasp the reality that my kidneys were failing. The failing of a major organ upon which I was heavily dependent on caught me by surprise and the impact was mortifying.

2008 was a turning point in my life. I became very ill as my system was finally shutting down, and my kidneys failed completely.

|There was no elimination of waste and my stomach was bloated as if I was nine months pregnant. I was hospitalized for one month and the only alternative that was decided by the medical team was to start me on hemodialysis. This procedure performed the function that my kidney could no longer do such as cleaning of the blood and removal of excess waste and water from my body. It took me a while to adjust to life on dialysis. The situation seemed morbid and I feared the unknown. Initially, I traveled to the hospital three times a week for four hours of treatment which was exhausting. I was later trained to operate the machine myself and started doing home dialysis.

Things got worse over time. I still had very good days. But when I had bad days, they were extreme.

The dialysis lines started to create major infections in my hand, back, neck, you name it and I had to do multiple surgeries. It was just one thing after another, and it seemed like all hope was fading but I didn’t give up. Hope may fade but I clung to it still because I knew God was in control. I am here today because the God we serve delivered me from all evil.

On December 2nd, 2015 I was just getting over a major infection and was about to use the dialysis machine when the hospital called to say the machine was infected. I had already used it the night before but they told me it must be disinfected and this worried me thinking of another infection, just following the one prior. To God be the Glory, that same night I got a call from the hospital to say that a kidney was available for me and I have to come to the hospital immediately. God works in mysterious ways, Amen. December 2016 marks one year since

I received my transplant and my new kidney is working great.

I thank God every day that I live for this miraculous healing. I am enjoying the gift of life, no more dialysis, pain, infection and the lupus is in remission allowing me to live my life again. Presently, I am in the process of reinstating my nursing license to go back to a profession that I truly enjoyed. To God be the Glory.

I encourage anyone that is going through any emotional or physical sickness not to give up. Be patient and have faith because God is in control. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

Today I am here as a testament to what God can do and has done. I am a living proof of the kind of business our God is into. I am proof that God not only heals and does miraculous things, but that if you trust and believe in Him all things are possible.