The Lord Of The Kings
Summer Reading Plan

Welcome to the reading plan (aka #LOTKplan)!
This plan started on Monday, July 3rd but that doesn't mean you have to miss out! Simply text "kingdom" to 416-291-9575 and you'll automatically be added to the daily reminders. Jump in right where we're at and if you have extra time, you can review some of the previous days (see below).
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Here's a link to some very cool videos that will help you get a sense of the big picture:
Read Scripture Video Series (Luke and Acts)

#LOTKplan - Day 1 | Today's Reading: Luke 1
In today's reading, Luke sets the stage for the arrival of Jesus, as we see behind the scenes what God did to set the stage for his Son's birth.

Link: https://www.bible.com/bible/111/LUK.1.NIV

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#LOTKplan - Day 2 | Today's Reading: Luke 2
How about some Christmas in July? As we read today, months away from the cultural cues of Christmas season, let's make room for the potential fresh insight that may happen today. What do the circumstances around Jesus' birth say about his kingdom? Shepherds on the inner circle, a manger as a crib, dirt poor parents and a pregnancy that looked illegitimate!

Link: https://www.bible.com/bible/111/LUK.2.NIV

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#LOTKplan - Day 3 | Today's Reading: Luke 3
Today we hear the words of John that can still call our hearts into alignment; share your extras, do business fairly, be content with your financial situation. The Kingdom of God seems to be quite interested in the practical. So practical that the fulfilment of a multitude of promises are subtly revealed in a family tree.

Link: https://www.bible.com/bible/111/LUK.3.NIV

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#LOTKplan - Day 4 | Today's Reading: Luke 4
Today we are reminded that Jesus was 100% human: physical hunger, an encounter with the devil offering shortcuts to Jesus' mission and even rejection from his hometown.
We are also reminded that he is 100% God: He fulfils scripture prophecy, he heals broken bodies, he rescues the spiritually oppressed, he perfectly practices spiritual disciplines and he keeps his eyes on his mission despite an opportunity to personally benefit from a growing popularity.
This is truly a different King.

Link: https://www.bible.com/bible/111/LUK.4.NIV

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#LOTKplan - Day 5 | Today's Reading: Luke 5
Which interaction with Jesus in today's reading reminds you of your own story? Peter's overwhelming awareness of his failures? The leper's miracle leading to a uncontainable story? The paralysed man's rescue because of his friends' actions? Levi's reversal from self to others? There's something to celebrate in each of our stories, with a party even better than a wedding.

Link: https://www.bible.com/bible/111/LUK.5.NIV

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#LOTKplan - Day 6 | Today's Reading: Luke 6
Today Luke outlines some of Jesus major teachings; it's like a manifesto for the kingdom. At times there are nuances that would be understood easier by a first-century Jewish person with lots of experience with the Torah (Old Testament), but there is enough packed in here to speak to our hearts each time we read it.

Link: https://www.bible.com/bible/111/LUK.6.NIV

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#LOTKplan - Day 7 | No reading today
If you missed a day, this is a good chance to go back and read that chapter. Otherwise, we'll be see you at the gatherings!

Here's a link to the teaching videos: agincourt.church/teaching
And here's a link to an extra video we did with Bill: The Cutting Room Floor - With Bill Morrow